Monday, February 2, 2009

Answering reader comments

I'm terrible about replying to comments, so I thought I'd do so in one post. I'll start at the most recent and go back until I'm bored or Violet's ready for me to tuck her in.

Piggy asked about the streaker during Puppy Bowl. It was a shaved dog. Well, it still had tufts of hair here and there. And they blocked out his private's with a black box. It was funny.

Retha, I hadn't looked up to see where the World Cup was going next! That is so cool it is in your home country. You'd better be careful or you'll have the whole Incredible family bunking on your sofa.

Mom #1: I didn't watch any of Blago's TV appearances, by then he made me so sick I couldn't watch. Many of us are guessing that was all part of a plot to sell the book he's going to write and the movie rights. I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but most of us do call ourselves Illinoisans. Any you only pronounce the last "s". The "s" at the end of Illinois is always silent. (Just in case anyone was wondering. Tee hee)

Ami, Great Ireland ideas! Thanks! And yes, Irish Whiskey by the end of the day would definitely be in order. And it doesn't have to be Ireland Day either!

Wendy, great idea for Spring Babies Day!

To everyone, we haven't gotten any more fish yet, but I think the plan is to try again with 2 more.

Piggy & Mom #1, I never did get a review of Hotel for Dogs from them. I think they liked it. They never really said much. They did say that one of the dogs on Puppy Bowl looked like Romeo from the movie.

Gail, I hear you on being glad she didn't sell more cookies. I am so relieved not to have chase down nearly as many people for delivery and payment this year. I find that very stressful. We have some really cool incentives each year. We use ABC Bakers. Maybe you guys sell Little Brownie Cookies? Our Fall Product Sale incentives rock too. This year Violet got an ice cream ball (the thing where you put the ice cream mix in the ball that you kick all around and it turns to ice cream - sorry, I've quit being coherent. I'm too tired to go on. I'll post a picture of it one day.)


MOM #1 said...

That was great. Very satisfying. You could do a post like that once a week . . . it would curb our curiosity and you wouldn't have to think of anything original to write. (Can you tell I'm suffering from a bit of writer's block?)

retha said...

Our coaches will be available. You will just have to be certain to bring enough massage creams because you all will have sore necks and cramps in your spines from staying awake on our coaches. We can try make a down bed for you. And ask my brother to go watch TV by him. He has a proper TV we don't.

retha said...

PS we do stay walking distance from one of the stadiums.

Burb Bunny said...

Lemonades are my favorite.