Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What we've been up to

Besides working extra hours, we've been busy with fun projects. Time to share:

First, I'll finally post a photo of Peanut and Almond, Violet's goldfish. She took this photo. I don't know which fish is which, but she does:

Violet working on the igloo kit:

And the final igloo:

Here is the spider web model she made from "Keepers of the Animals". We downsized it a bit, they suggested using a hula hoop. Ours is an embroidery hoop I had in the basement.

For her candy making badge, Violet tried to make marzipan:

They look terrific, but I thought she was going to spit it out when she tried tasting it!

For the cake decorating badge, she made a butterfly cake (it is one of those that is actually a bunch of cupcakes put together, you bake it in one silicon mold). She did all the decorating herself:

The final butterfly (it was delicious!):

We've got to get a tray that isn't Mickey. It looks like he is wearing the butterfly!

There was a little batter left over, so she made cupcakes too:

And finally, how we spent today:

The kit was a really old one given to Violet by my mother-in-law. She'd originally intended to do it with her daughter (who is now in her 30s). I didn't want to take the kits (there are 4 total) or try to do them (I am not good at these sorts of things) but we survived it. Three more to go:

It was made on a foam dress mold. We had to cut material and ribbon, pin the whole thing together, find more beads when we ran out, and try to glue the damn hands onto Bo Peep. Her right hand keeps falling off. Tomorrow's project: superglue.


Fatcat said...

It looks like you all have been having fun!

Kate in NJ said...

Great projects!!

The Old Gray Mare said...

You must have the patience of a saint.

Mother Mayhem said...

That lil sheperdess looks SO thrilled with her job. LMBO.

Looks like you and Violet have been busy. Great projects! :o)

Please pass the cuppycakes. MMM.

dronz said...

HI- Could I please ahve the name on the Bo Beep Box? Been looking ALL over for these for years!!!!!Thanks

dronz said...

Hi- Could you please give me the name on the Bo Peep Box? Been looking for these for years!!!! I used to make them with my grandma :)

Freakmom said...

Sorry, I don't have the original box. There was a piece of paper with it that said "Lil Missy Beaded Doll Kit"

Good luck in your search!