Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sending up a flare

The blizzard hit. Boy howdy, did it hit. I think we got somewhere around 2 feet of snow. It is hard to tell because of all the drifting. We have a 6 foot fence in our backyard, you could probably step over it in spots. I only remember one other snow close to this big and I've lived here all my life. This was a doozy.

Schools, libraries, businesses, government offices, all closed today. Many have already announced they will be closed tomorrow too. Even the sledding hills are closed due to too much snow.

Okay, the sledding hills really are closed, but it is because they can't get the parking lots by them cleared out and a lot of the roads are still impassable.

Even the local groundhog, Woodstock Willie, called in snowbound. And on the only day of the year he works. I hope this doesn't mean we won't get a spring. If the groundhog can't even get out of his hole to make a prediction, spring will still come, won't it?

I don't have any photos yet. I'll try to post some. Just picture lots of white, that's what it looks like.

Our homeschool decided not to close. We voted to be off in June, rather than today and tomorrow.

Tonight the deep freeze is hitting, but at least the wind has died down and the snow is over. All that's left is the digging.