Thursday, February 6, 2014


Freakmom applauds CVS for their announcement to stop selling cigarettes.  I think this move is long overdue, but I would never had expected to see it.  We have "come a long way baby" in the anti-tobacco movement.

Remember when cigarette ads were prevalent?  Joe Camel and the Marlboro man.  Those days are gone.  Both are dead and buried from lung cancer and emphysema.

How about smoking in offices?  I once turned down a job because I would have had to share an unventilated basement office with 2 smokers.  Well, there were other unappealing parts of the job as well, but I really didn't want to sit in that office all day with them puffing away.  I wrote a position paper in college once about banning smoking in the workplace.  While I got an A on the paper, the smoking teacher said "yeah, that will never happen."  Her reason, smoking was as addictive as heroin.  My response?  I don't want my employees doing heroin in the office either.  (Boy, am I a smart mouth or what?)

Now there's no smoking in most public buildings (depending on what state you live in, your mileage may vary).  Some places have no smoking anywhere on the grounds.

Yes, CVS has made a giant step forward for public health.  Every little step gets us closer to being a healthier society. 


retha said...

Smoking is outlawed here in public places too. But the smoking areas are made in to the coziest places in restaurants(!)

retha said...

It still gives me the same message. Not to 'worry'. Got a feeling we will be going the pull-the-plug-route. If not would you mind telling me, then I'll come try again.