Saturday, January 9, 2010

Remember me?

Good golly, I've been busy this week. We started homeschool back up on Monday. In order to have some structure for Violet, we are devoting from around 1:00 in the afternoon until 4:00 ish every week day to school. She is loving it. We have a list of things to work on each day. There have been very few tears. She looks forward to (most of) it.

I guess what they say about kids wanting structure in their lives is true. With Mr. I. now unemployed, her previous structure crashed and burned before her very eyes. As long as she's happy with this arrangement, we plan to keep it up.

Meanwhile, I'm working more hours than ever. No, I'm not really sure where I'm fitting them all in. I am able to do some in the afternoons while Violet work independently on some subjects. This is the first time ever we've had that. She's been very hands on in the past. The timing couldn't be better.

Mr. I. is working on getting his business started up. And working on some side projects. He applied for unemployment benefits. They'll start arriving soon. It will be less than half of his previous pay. He's got to find out how much he can earn, if any, without reducing his benefits.

I'm still bitter and resentful. We've worked so hard all our adult lives. And what do we get for a reward. A kick in the pants. Mr. I spent his 2 month "severance" period working for the no longer existing company. Several of them did, getting lose ends tied up and equipment moved out. So much for their severance pay. Sounds like regular salary to me.

I think I'd better wrap up this entry before it turns even more sour.

Crap, I missed Mental's online chat again last night! I've got to get those on my calendar. Sorry, Mental. I really would like to suspend real life for a while and chat with others like a normal homeschool mom for a while.

Back to work for a few more minutes, then I'm calling it a night.