Sunday, May 5, 2013

Walked Three Chapters Today

Today was a good day off.  If you read yesterday's post (and I'm sorry for my whining if you did), you could probably tell I really needed a day off.  Or two, or three.  But I'll have to settle for one right now.

I went for a walk this morning and started listening to my audiobook (Dawn O'Hara, The Girl Who Laughed by Edna Ferber).  I walked 3 chapters.  I am going to really like listening to books while walking, I can tell.  If you have any favorite audiobooks available on LibriVox, let me know.  When I got back, Violet and I went out to Walmart.  I bought new running shoes.  I didn't have good shoes for walking, and I'm really considering running too, so I needed decent shoes.  And I bought some athletic socks.  Oh, and I started stretching for 10 minutes in the morning and evening.  Gee, I may just break out in health!

Our main reason to go to Walmart was to look for summer clothes for Violet, especially shorts.  She tried on a total of 7 pairs (plus a shirt) and bought 3 pairs of shorts.  She prefers them to be longer and actually cover her butt cheeks.  Those are hard to find for young girls.  But we did find some nice ones that she'll be comfortable in.

She also looked at the bedding and picked out a new comforter and sheet set and used a gift card she'd gotten for Christmas from her Grandparents on them.  They are cute, bright colors, geometric designs.  Very Violet.  I don't know if I mentioned, but we got her a loft bed this winter.  Very teen.  And it was time to update her sheets and comforter.  I mean, Hello Kitty is cool and all, but the same Hello Kitty you've had off and on since you were 4, not so much.  She's going to donate that set (her idea).

I've been trying to expand my cooking horizons and made salmon with a marmalade and soy glaze, couscous, roasted brussels sprouts and glazed carrots for dinner.  All pretty good.  I tried a new glazed carrots recipe and didn't really care for it.  I loved the salmon though.  The recipe called for orange marmalade but we had a three fruit marmalade so I used that instead.  Very tasty.  Interesting, as I look at the links for the recipes (I used my Cooking Light magazine hardcopy when I made them) the salmon got 5 stars, the carrots 1 star.  I'd agree. 

Back to work tomorrow.  But at least I'll be working from home.  Easier to hide there when needed.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


I hate pressure.  I hate stress.  I long for days when I have nothing to worry about.  I'm sure that will never happen.  I've had a horrible stabbing pain in my neck and shoulder for 3 weeks now.  I'm sure it is job stress related. 

One thing I dislike about my job is the last minute, high pressure, intensity of it.  You'd think I was a trauma surgeon or on the bomb squad.  But no, I'm an accountant.  When I went off to become an accountant I never dreamed there would be stress and high pressure involved.  It is just crunching numbers right?  Sit in your little cubicle and make sure the columns and rows all add up, then go home.  Nice and neat and tidy.

I was wrong.  People yell.  They get intense.  They put off stuff and it becomes your problem.  They yell more.  They make promises that can't be kept then make you keep them.  Even though I don't actually crunch numbers anymore, the pressure is there all the time.  Different pressure, but there.

I don't recommend a career in accounting to anyone.  I got my degree following the advice that I could work anywhere with it and always have a job.  Probably true.  But no one said anything about the yelling.  Or the pressure and stress. 

I've figured it out, I wish to work at the mini-golf place.  Handout the putters and score cards.  Sell bottles of water.  Sweep the greens.  Hose off the castle.  Occasionally repaint the windmill.

But no.  I went the safe and easy route.   Please tell them it isn't my fault we don't have enough people to get all the promised work done.  I said we needed help.  They insisted we were properly staffed.  They are going to work me until I have a stroke.

If you need me, I'll be pulling golf balls out of the alligator's mouth and washing bird poop off the giant gorilla.  Or at least dreaming of it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rain Again

The rain is back tonight.  I've been periodically checking the skylights to make sure they aren't leaking.  They did once several years ago and we had to have a guy out to caulk them.  It was a temporary solution and one of these days we'll need to do it again.  But so far, today's not the day. 

I've started walking again, now the weather's warmer.  I prefer to walk in the morning, after people have left for work and school.  It is so much quieter out then.  Sometimes have to walk after dinner.  I don't care for that at all.  I did download an audio book for my phone, I'm going to give it a try to listen to it while walking.  I've chosen Dawn O'Hara by Edna Ferber. 

My eye appointment went very well.  For someone who can never seen anything, I have very healthy eyes.  My prescription didn't change and she recommended continuing with the contacts and readers as needed.  Works for me, they are going to order the contact for me and have them shipped to my house. 

This afternoon Violet and I seemed to get a cooking bug.  We made grilled chicken (indoors in a pan), grilled asparagus, sweet potato fries and couscous.  I had sweet potatoes and asparagus that weren't getting any younger.  We decided a sauce was needed, so we looked up recipes and found one for a Dijon mustard vinaigrette that Violet thought sounded good.  But we didn't have an Dijon mustard.  So we found a recipe for that too.  Violet made the Dijon, then the vinaigrette with that.  Tasty.  Really tied the chicken, couscous and asparagus together. 

Tomorrow is digital movie maker day.  I hope to drop Violet off with Mr. Incredible at his office, then if he doesn't have much going on after they are done, she'll hang out there and ride home with him.  I'll go have a wild and crazy time and hit the library to get some holds, Walgreens and 2 grocery stores before coming home to put it all away and work.  But, if client issues come up and he needs to make stops after he leaves the office or will be a long time, I'll just get the groceries and go back for her before coming home.