Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo to you!

Just a quick post to say Happy Halloween and I hope the spooks and goblins were good to you! I have some photos to post but that will be tomorrow. I don't want to ruin the photo surprises so I'll tell you more about it all when I get the photos posted.

Tonight I had an election day question. I know an election judge (my Girl Scout mentor) so I e-mailed her and got an answer back. (I wanted to know if you show up before polls close and you are still standing in line when they do close what happens. She said as long as you are in line you can vote no matter how long the line is or how long it takes.)

I mention this because I was thinking this is a nice side effect of my Girl Scout volunteering. I've met people. Lots of people. And I know them well enough to ask them things like that. Before I started with the crazy volunteer stuff, even when I was just a leader and not involved at the higher level, I didn't know many people in the area. We moved here after we were married and working full time. Neither of us work locally, our offices are over 30 miles away. We don't have kids in the schools. I was starting to meet a few people through homeschool circles, but most of them live at least 5-10 miles away. We know our immediate neighbors. But all in all we were quite isolated.

I really like the connections I've made with so many others. I was feeling very alone, and still do in some ways, but I really enjoy the friendships (or at least acquaintanceships) I've made as a result. I don't feel quite as left out as I do in so many other situations.

Speaking of Girl Scouts, we added up Violet's Fall Product Sale totals and she sold $670 in candy, nuts and magazines! The sale officially ends tomorrow and Sunday we'll turn in her paperwork. She sold far more than most girls, and in fact more than a lot of troops combined! She'll have decent cookie sales, but the fall sale is always her big one. She's a happy Girl Scout!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have a headache

I spent much of the afternoon researching all our local election races. I know who I'm voting for in the presidential race, but that was it. Well, I had already decided to vote no for the library referendum that would raise my taxes another $60 or more a year. I love the library, but I'm already paying over $200 a year for it. I don't mind that it is crowded and the selection isn't the best. They'll get me almost everything I want from interlibrary loan. If the schools weren't already sucking out so much of my income in their taxes I'd definitely be for it. So, once again, you can blame the public schools.

Where was I? Yes, local races. I had no idea who to vote for in the local races. I had to first figure out which district I was in, then who was running, and who I liked. I have a nice little cheat sheet to carry in my pocket and a headache to show for it.

The doctor's appointment when very smooth. Homeschool didn't come up. Violet answered questions. The doctor diagnosed her "skinny". But not so skinny that he was worried about it. No shots. There might be one or two next year. She'll be old enough for the cervical cancer one, but I'm holding off on that one for awhile. And the meningitis one. That one I may do, but I'll do some research first. The final one is a new tetanus/whooping cough booster that is currently recommended for 9th grade, that he thinks will be lowered to 5th grade. That one I'd probably do too, if it is lowered. But for today, she wasn't a pin cushion so she's happy!

Tomorrow is Halloween and her costume is ready: we bought her a feather witch outfit. The forecast is for sunny and 65 which is wonderful news. Mr. Incredible and I both remember trick or treating as kids with our winter coats over our costumes.

My supervisors were very pleased with my interview article. It did turn out really good. She made me sound quite coherent. She must be a very good writer indeed! Seriously, they loved the subtle marketing pitches. Little things like that can't hurt my career and paycheck in this economy.

Enough looking at the computer screen for tonight. I really did get a headache from all the congressional this and that and county board who's and what's. Only a few more days and it will be over.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Plugging along

Yesterday we hosted a couple of the homeschool Juliettes for a Try-it day at our house. Violet is working on her Junior Aide patch by helping them earn Try-its. We did the Movers Try-it where they made various things that flew. Some better than others. All were fun. It is a nice group, I think we've found a good mix. It is two other moms that hang out, help out and are really nice and encouraging to Violet. And 3 girls who are really polite and nice and fun, and really look up to Violet. What more could you need?

In the evening I did go to my meeting. I didn't drink more Kool-Aid but I did have the taco dip - yummy! It was hosted at the house of one of the committee members. Her house is much closer than the Council office is, so I was just as happy to go there. We laugh so much on that committee. It really is a fun group. We meet back at her house in early December.

Today we stayed home all day. We really needed to go out and get milk and to pick up our holds at the library, but they are both waiting until tomorrow. It was nice to hang out. I had a busy morning with work. I may have to take a day and drive out to a client's office. I should know by next week. If so, I hope to schedule the week of Thanksgiving, but we'll see.

I was interviewed this morning for an industry publication. I've been interviewed for this one before (and a few others that are published by the same company). It sounds more impressive than it really is. Today's interview was about how to choose a healthcare consultant. Gee, since I work for a big firm, what kind of consultant do you think I said was best? Yep, big firms, lots of depth, I know who butters my bread. The really nice thing is that the reporter will e-mail me the article so I can review my comments before they are published (and have my supervisor look it over too). That way if I stuck my foot in my mouth, they'll fix it.

Tomorrow is Violet's doctor appointment. I looked at the CDC's vaccine recommendation list and I don't think she is due for anything. I know, lots of homeschoolers are anti-vaccine, and I respect that. If you are please respect my position to be pro-vaccine. I've gotten a lot of flack over my choice from local homeschoolers. I've heard your arguments. I can't say for absolute certainty one side is right or wrong. I only know that I believe the benefits outweigh the risks. I'm not changing my mind based on comments (or being ganged up on at homeschool events), so don't bother.

Whew. Where was I? Oh yes, Violet is breathing easier knowing the chance of a shot are really, really slim. I already told the doctor's office that I wasn't getting her a flu shot. (I know, I'm so pro-vaccine why not a flu shot? The only time I've ever gotten one I had the worst case of the flu in my life. I know, it wasn't the shot. I don't care. I'm not getting one. And Violet's not getting one the day before trick-or-treating and a week before vacation.)

After all the errands tomorrow, we will do a light school schedule in the afternoon. If anything at all. I may have her work on more Girl Scout badge stuff. School in disguise. We were looking at the book and we think we can easily finish Story of the World volume 3 before the trip. There isn't much we want to do outside reading the chapters. I don't know if we'll start up volume 4 right when we get back or wait until after the holidays. Violet really likes it, so we'll probably jump right in. One of these days I'll have to decide what to tackle after volume 4. If you have a history recommendation that isn't too writing intensive, let me know.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy week already turning annoying

We have a really busy week scheduled. I'm trying to fit a lot of things in before we go on vacation. This afternoon I had my gyne appointment with the new guy who's office is right by our house. Mr. Incredible was working from home, so Violet could just hang out with him while I was off. I wasn't looking forward to getting an exam from a new doctor, but what are you going to do?

I get there, marvel at how close the place is. Find out they even do mammograms on site. Bonus. I check in, pay my co-pay go to sit in the waiting area and fill out my paperwork when I'm asked to go in the back. Turns out the doctor had to race out to do an emergency c-section. How annoying. Reschedule the appointment for next Monday. Get my co-pay back. Come home. They said they tried to call but I had already arrived, he had left just as I got there. I get to wait a week to go through this again.

Tomorrow we are having the homeschool Juliette's over to earn a Try-it badge called Movers, all about things that fly. We're making twirling paper copters and ring gliders. Plus we'll be celebrating Juliette Low's birthday. She's the founder of the Girl Scouts in the U.S. I put together a memory game with objects that represent her life. The girls will get to see what's there, then we'll take something away when they aren't looking and they have to guess what it is. I bought apples and caramel dip for a snack.

I spent this morning cleaning all the rooms they are likely to see when they are here. It is just 3 girls, 2 moms. I'm glad we just planned on doing it at our house, we're supposed to have a high of 40 tomorrow, far too cold to be in the park for a few hours.

Speaking of cold, it was snowing on my way to the doctor's non-appointment. It has been very windy the last two days and now snow. Winter has arrived early. By the end of the week and Halloween it is supposed to be up closer to 60. Nothing stinks like wearing your winter coat over your Halloween costume.

Tomorrow night I have a product sales committee meeting to go to. I'm kind of tempted to not go. They are planning for a training session that will take place while we are on vacation, so I can't help anyway. I guess it will be good to hear how the training will take place as I seem to get asked all sorts of questions. My mentor warned me that when you are registrar they think you know everything about everything. Plus I need to know the cookie sales procedures so I can pass it on to the Juliettes. And I do love this committee, they are a riot. I guess I just talked myself back into going.

Thursday Violet has her doctor's appointment. Her doc doesn't deliver babies so hopefully he won't have an emergency. And Friday we'll be busy all day with Halloween.

I did get some work done when I came home from my canceled appointment, so that was good. Thank goodness I only drove 5 minutes to the office and not farther. My old nurse practitioner was an hour away. That would have been more than just annoying. It would have stunk to high heaven!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can breathe again

Literally. I went out today and bought 3 new pairs of fat jeans. My skinny jeans can just sit there on the shelf and be jealous for a while. I'll get back in them. But until then, I can move and breathe again. And my blood is circulating properly again. Yippee!

Mr. Incredible keeps saying how he's not buying a bigger size. He's determined to lose weight instead. Well, goodie for him. I will too. But in the meantime, I'm not going to be so uncomfortable. It was making me crabby. And a crabby mama isn't fun to have around.

Did I tell you the jeans were on sale too? Bonus!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

So many random thoughts

I have had so many random thoughts since I posted yesterday that I could write 3 or 4 entries. But I think I'll just summarize what I can remember and let you all enjoy your weekend.

My back is feeling much better. It was weird. I don't know how I suddenly hurt it, then it got better. It is still a bit sore, but not like before.

Overall I'm feeling better too. We're making progress. Mr. Incredible and I talked last night and both think it makes more sense to stay where he is for now (at least as long as he can) and not jump from one sinking ship into a ship potentially sinking even faster. He's going to do more with his side gigs of podcasting and such. He thinks he can make a go of some of his projects. I suggested he spend his extra energy (ha, like any of us have that) getting his side business incorporated and expanding.

Even though she's perfectly healthy, in Illinois it is a good idea for homeschool kids to have regular doctor visits and a relationship established with a physician who can vouch that there is no abuse or neglect going on. Illinois has no regulation of homeschoolers at all. No testing, no attendance records, no request form, no meetings with teachers, no portfolios. Nothing. Many times when they want to question homeschool families they go the route of neglect or abuse. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or social. Our state homeschool organization recommends if a truancy officer ever shows up to go straight to your doctor's office for a full physical of the kid and have the doctor document that there is no sign of abuse or neglect.

Before we go to her doctor's appointment next week I have to coach Violet on the importance of speaking up and answering the doctor's questions. She has a tendency to clam up. They'll ask her name at a reception desk or check in and she won't tell them. She'll be asked a question and she'll clamp her lips shut and refuse to say. Part of the problem is a lot of their questions are skewed to public school kids and she doesn't know how to answer them. Not all though. I want to hit her upside the head sometimes to reset her brain and get her to speak. I understand the overwhelming shyness. Been there. But sometimes she has to get over it and speak.

I keep forgetting to get the Halloween decorations out of the basement and put them up. Violet points some out whenever we drive anywhere and I say I'll get ours out. Then I forget. I guess she isn't in too much of a hurry or she'd be actually reminding me.

I need to breakdown this weekend and buy a bigger sized pair of jeans. I can't cram into my old ones anymore. Last winter I gained weight. I'd hoped to lose it over the summer. Guess I didn't make that deadline. I think I gained more. Sigh. I blame the government. And the banking industry. I'm sure it is their fault.

My horoscope today says I should be productive in the morning because by evening I'll have more to do and won't get anything done. Guess I better get to work.

Friday, October 24, 2008

jobs, appointments and lead weights

Mr. Incredible still has a job. His best friend of 22 years, does not. Four or five other people at his company don't either. His company only had about 30 employees. That's about a 20% workforce cut for those of you playing along at home. This sucks.

His job is safe for now, but it sounds like the whole company is in danger of tanking. Last night we talked about him being more proactive in looking for something new. But then I got to thinking. How do we know new company won't tank? Then he's low man on the totem pole and first to go. This sucks.

Did I tell you I made myself an appointment for next Monday with a new gynecologist? Well, I did. His office is really close. He's in my insurance plan. And he isn't close to retirement age. (My last nurse practitioner retired over the summer on me.) And he's affiliated with the hospital group that has the nearby mammogram center that I really like. (As if you could actually LIKE a mammogram center, but you know what I mean.)

I also made Violet a well-child checkup for next week with her old doctor. I really want to switch her. He isn't very homeschool friendly. His first word every time it comes up (and how you people lie or manage to not have it come up is beyond me. "How's school?" "Do you like your class?" "How's your teacher?" Every time she walks in.) Where was I? Oh yeah, "Socialization". Buggers. We know that means he really doesn't know squat about homeschooling. And he knows a family at his church... Need I go on?

Well, I want to get her into a new doctor. But I'm already almost 5 months overdue with her appointment. Who knows how much longer we'll have health insurance. He's in a group practice and I tried to make it with another guy we saw once when she had pink eye. He's on vacation until a few days before we leave on vacation. (Yep, that's right, we have a big vacation booked. Smart move, huh? It was booked 6 months ago before the economy started tanking quite so badly. This sucks.)

So I bit the bullet and made the appointment with the guy she's been seeing since she was a baby. At least I don't have to have her medical records copied and sent to a new office. What a pain in the butt. They are never helpful about it. I am not counting on mine making it to my new doctor. I don't mind so much for mine, I want Violet's handy.

I've felt like I've had a lead weight on me the last few months. I have the hardest time moving and doing things. I just want to stay home and hibernate. There's so much to do. I can't remember things. I can't make decisions. I know I'm worrying about things way too early, but it is hard not to when these things are in your face on a daily basis. This sucks.

Maybe I do need that vacation after all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cats, Backs and Layoffs

We went back over to check on the cat one more time yesterday, and there she was, sitting pretty and smug just waiting for Violet to pet and brush her. Damn cat, worrying me like that. The boss will be back today. Violet had a really good end to her pet sitting job. I foresee many more jobs like this in our future.

Alright, who stuck a knitting needle in the back of their Freakmom voodoo doll? No confessions? Hmm, maybe it was evil ex-co-leader. I wouldn't put it past her, she's evil. About dinner time last night I suddenly got a horrible pain in my upper back. It spread around up into my shoulder and neck. I was starting to wonder if I had pneumonia or was having a heart attack. But it really just feels in the muscles. Perhaps a muscle-eating bacteria? It is better today, but I think I'd better not sit at my computer too much.

Today is the day big layoffs are coming at Mr. Incredible's company. We don't think he is in this round. But you never know. Scary, scary times we live in.

Violet's been back on a Girl Scout badge kick. We worked on some yesterday and she has more planned for today. Sounds good to me, it is like homeschool lessons all planned out for me. There's a lot of cool stuff for her to do as a Junior and only 2 years to do it in.

We have no errands to run today! It is the first day we are staying home since last Friday, and that was the first day since the Friday before that. Tomorrow our only plan is to go to the library and get some stuff that is coming in on interlibrary loan. The library is really close by (but not close enough to walk).

I wonder what kind of comfort food we have I can make for dinner. I think Mr. Incredible is going to need it tonight.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins, Apples and Missing Cats

Things are still busy at the Incredible household. Over the weekend we went to the pumpkin patch and made our pumpkin selections. I chose a warty one. When we got up to check out the lady told Violet that the name of that pumpkin variety was "freak pumpkin". Now I ask you, how perfect is that?

Mr. Incredible and Violet each chose a more misshapen pumpkin. They felt the oddly shaped ones had far more personality than the perfectly round ones. It took us quite a while to make our selections, and the patch wasn't that big. But at least three other families came, picked out pumpkins and left, while we were still looking. Not all at once either, one at a time. Apparently we are slow pickers.

We also bought some apples. A tart variety, but I forgot the name and am too lazy to get up and look (and I'm not telling how incredibly close they are either). This afternoon Violet and I made an apple crisp. We just had some still warm for dessert.

You know how Violet is watching my boss' cat while she is gone? Well, we went over there today and we could not find that damn cat anywhere. She lives in the basement (boss' hubby is highly allergic) and the door was closed. There was no way she could have gotten out (although Violet did have one theory about the cat opening the door and closing it behind her - I think she reads too many books). We kept hearing thumping type noises from the vents but I'm pretty sure they were normal vent sounds, it is cool and I know the boss was leaving the heat on while they were gone (so her little kitty wouldn't get too cold, tee hee). I looked all over and couldn't figure out a way kitty could have gotten into the vents. At least I hope not. And we didn't hear mewing like she was in trouble. The food had been eaten and the box used. There are a lot of good hiding places and she's a small cat, so she must have been all curled up somewhere watching us. I hope.

This is not the economy to lose your boss' cat in.

Mr. Incredible's company is likely doing its latest round of layoffs this week. We're pretty sure he's not getting it this time. This economy sucks.

Tomorrow Violet has to go to the orthodontist to get her lower retainer bonded on better. I always feel like a bad mom when something happens and she has to make an extra appointment to go in. They are having a food drive at the orthodontist's office. A food pantry donation gets you a raffle ticket for an iPod shuffle. Gee, I wonder if we are going to an overpriced orthodontist? He does have lots and lots and lots of patients. It is a straight teeth mill in there.

How many more days until the election? I can't wait for it to be over.

Thank you to everyone who gave me e-mail and snail mail addresses for the Girl Scout sale! Violet earned the patches she wanted. And her sales have already surpassed her goals! She is so excited! Thank you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Splish, splash

I mentioned in my last post we were headed out on an overnight trip. We stayed at the Kalahari Resort and indoor water park in the Wisconsin Dells. It was nice. But we aren't in a huge hurry to return.

We liked the water park (Violet LOVED the water park). But Mr. Incredible and I just have a hard time thinking of the Dells experience as anything but a cheesy getaway for Chicago suburbanites. If they aren't going to Lake Geneva, they are going to the Dells.

The room was nice. But the whole thing was expensive. A lot less expensive since my inlaws paid for most of it. But still. At least gas prices had come down by the time we went. Gas in Wisconsin is nearly 30c cheaper than here. We filled up before we came back across the border.

Some highlights: Seeing Violet build up the nerve to try the mid-size water slides and love them. The electric fireplace in the room was fun. Violet also painted a ceramic kitten in their pottery shop in the resort. It was ready to bring home with us.

At least it wasn't crowded. The Wisconsin Dells in the summer is a madhouse. We had a relatively empty resort in mid-October.

We're back home and getting back into routine. Violet and I had our first school-day performance at the local theater today: Magic Tree House the Musical. It was okay, but not one of our top five favorites. Next is Junie B. Jones. Violet likes the shows that are musical plays the best. I think that is the only reason she chose Junie since she never was a fan of the books. But at $7 a seat (compared to $25-40 for the full price performances) it doesn't matter if we like them all or not. It does make for a fun fine arts curriculum.

Tomorrow we are staying home all day. And really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like a chicken with its head cut off

I've been running very which way this last week. The end is in sight. We have an overnight trip tonight (details later) and a busy Thursday, then we are off for a couple of weeks.

Saturday Violet, Red, Red's Mom and I went to a cemetery walk as a Girl Scout event. It was nice. It was one of those historical re-enactments that have been popping up everywhere. The girls wore their sashes/vests and looked great. Violet said she'd do another with me sometime.

Violet started her pet sitting job. She's watching my boss' cat while she is out of town. She lives about 25 minutes from here, so it is back and forth, but not every day. Violet is really loving it. She looks forward to going over, and for a kid who'd usually rather stay home it is a nice change of pace.

I've been busy for work. It is convention season and several things have come up. But as I type this, I am happily caught up. (I'll check e-mail later.)

We haven't done a lot of formal school work, but I figure a cemetery walk, pet sitting and the hike we did on Sunday all count. Today's overnight will be more p.e.

Violet also has collected blankets, towels and pillows for the greyhounds. She works with a greyhound rescue organization from time to time and gets used items for them to use as bedding and such. She's going to be doing a more hands on with the dogs project next year for her Girl Scout Bronze award. I haven't taken her picture yet with all the stuff she got, but I'll post it when I do.

So far I've still managed to outrun the germies. Violet and Mr. Incredible still make awful coughing sounds from time to time, but are feeling much better.

Thank you all who gave me your e-mail and snail mail addresses! E-mails will arrive sometime after Saturday when the sale officially starts. Violet is excited that she'll be earning the patch. We do really appreciate it!

And finally, today is my birthday. Yes, I'm now 42 years old and still don't have to put up with that crap anymore.

No matter what the crap du jour is.

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Favor to Ask

We interrupt this blog for an announcement. (Not a particularly important or interesting announcement, feel free to click next blog and move on if you'd like.)

It is that time of year again, the Girl Scout's Fall Product Sale. They sell candy and nuts and magazines. One of they ways they get you (the parent that is) is to offer a separate patch if the girls complete an address book with 11 snail mail addresses of friends and family members to be mailed a magazine catalog along about January. Okay, fine we've done that the last few years. Now they have added a second patch for 12 e-mail addresses to receive the magazine offer now. I have to hit up even more loved ones in the name of not-for-profit. Stupid patches. And I bet I poke myself with the needle trying to sew the things onto her bag (she has a tote bag with all her patches and just puts her official badges on her sash - I'll have to post a picture of her in her uniform.) And, the patches all fit together in a nice neat little design. It's a scam I tell you.

Purchases from the snail mail do help out our Girl Scout council, but don't help Violet towards her goals or incentive. E-mail purchases made before October 31st-ish (I can't remember the date right now) do count towards her sales...but with my magazine addiction, she's already met her sales goals. I have a problem. I love cheesy magazines. Hmm, a magazine about cheese, that could be good. I'll have to check the catalog when I'm done with my plea. I may need one more....

The company only sends one request, and they never sell names or addresses. If you are willing to receive a mailing or an e-mail, would you let me know via e-mail (freakmom at gmail dot come). Either e-mail or snail mail or both (batting eyelashes). Feel free to delete the e-mail they send or recycle the offer when it is received. Unless you share my love of magazines, then check out their deals. Some are really good, some are okay, some stink. Check around before buying. Vegetarian Times is cheaper through Girl Scouts than the renewal offer I received (yes, you can renew too).

I don't know how I feel about fund raisers. They are necessary to keep the program going. But they are a pain in the neck (and wallet). So feel free to ignore this request. I'll bug enough people to get Violet her patches, not to worry. And I agree that the fund raisers get really tedious.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog...

Dodging the Germies

I know what you are all saying...What happened to Freakmom? I've been missing for a week. Sorry about that. The first week of the month is always super busy. Why does everyone think that monthly meetings and events have to take place the first week? We have more things we have to do the first week of the month! The second week is only a little better. Then by the third and fourth weeks...nothing. Argh.

To add to this, Mr. Incredible came home from work on Friday sick. He managed to do stuff like mow on Saturday, but by Sunday he was wiped out. He slept all day on the couch. Mondays he works from home and spent the day back and forth between his computer and the couch. He's been back at the office Tuesday and today and says he feels much better, but he's still sounding awful and taking cough and cold medicine.

So that meant I got to do all his weekend chores for him. While doing all of my own. While doing all my first week of the month commitments. While trying really hard not to catch the cold. I've been washing my hands and towels and dishes like a mad woman.

I think I am staying ahead of germies so far. I need to stay ahead of them through tomorrow night when I have a really big Girl Scout meeting to go to. I could have someone fill in for me, but it would be a big favor to ask. I have several things I am doing at it. Things I'm bringing to it. Things I'm taking home. I'd like to save that big of a favor for when I really, really need it.

The germies are getting their paws into Violet. She woke up this morning with a fever and sore throat. The children's Tylenol and cough syrup have been helping. We didn't go to my parents like we had planned. Instead they came by here. That was really nice. We still got to see them, Violet didn't have to leave the house, I got some extra stuff done around here and didn't have to drive.

My goal is to get through tomorrow, then I can catch this if I must. Until then, I'm off to get the hand sanitizer out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We covered those old pillows yesterday. What do you think? We made the covers rather baggy so that we could machine stitch them closed rather than trying to do it by hand. Boy what a mess! It never dawned on me how messy it would be using faux fur. Don't ask me why it didn't occur to me that when you cut the material, you inevitably cut some of the fur. And that red fuzz would be EVERYWHERE!

It looked like we massacred Elmo in the front room. And we did it on the day when so many troop leaders were stopping by to drop off their registration packets. At least the material and sewing machine was sitting out so it looked like a project and not an every day occurrence. Violet found it extremely funny that I had red fuzz all over me including my butt as I'd stand at the door talking to the troop leaders looking so nice in their just from the office clothes. I assured her I wouldn't trade my fuzzy-butt producing life for theirs for anything.

No projects today. We played Borderline and Violet trounced me 3 games. I'm really not trying to lose. I wonder if she's cheating? Hmm. We also did a lot of school work and read more Mary Poppins.

Right now there is a chicken pot pie in the oven for dinner and I am trying to talk Violet into going ahead and showering now and putting on her jammies. It is cold enough tonight for footie p.j.'s. Fall has arrived. That reminds me, I did run out to the garden and harvested another handful of broccoli and some green peppers as well as an eggplant that might be ready, might not, but wouldn't survive the cold temperatures.

Winter's a coming!