Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oh Willie, Say It Isn't So

Yep, Woodstock Willie saw his shadow this morning.  Six more weeks of winter.  What are the odds that the first sunny day we have in weeks is on Groundhog Day!  Guess we're in for more freezing, ice, snow (lather, rinse, repeat). 

I did hear that February is supposed to be worse than December or January were.

Today is the Puppy Bowl, so we'll be watching.  I think there's some other sports event going on, but I'm not sure.  I don't care.  The puppies are so darned cute!

Speaking of puppies, we need kitty food.  We're really, really low.  I know Monday and Tuesday are going to be busy days for me, and Violet has art both nights, so unless Mr. I can go one of those days, I need to run to Walmart today.  Joy. 

I do want to pick up some stuff for our Valentine's Day Juliette meeting.  We're going to attempt to make chocolate pizza and peanut butter cups.  I like these recipes because both are supposed to set up before you eat them.  Which means they'll need to take them home first.  Which means I don't have to hear "can we eat them now?"  And have them all eat a ton of chocolate right before lunch. 

I looked at the sock bunny Violet made at the library, it is super simple!  I found a bunch of polka dot socks online and ordered them with the dues money.  We'll make them later in the month.  I'll post a photo blog of how they are done when I do my sample.

Mr. I and were just talking about 2 years ago.  We had a blizzard, more than 2 feet of snow on Groundhog Day.  They canceled Willie completely.  It isn't an all bad gig to be the groundhog.  Sometimes you do get to take a snow day.


Ami said...

That whole 'six more weeks of winter' thing just kills me. I am not a rocket scientist, but I *can* read a calendar. And Spring never... repeat NEVER begins until March. So no matter how many little sleeping rodents are pulled out of their cozy dreams, no matter how much we'd like it to be different... there will always be six weeks of winter between February 2nd and the actual beginning of spring.


And I am looking forward to seeing the bunny. Perhaps I can teach my kids how to make one??

Mel said...

I guess there is a Kitty Bowl on the Hallmark channel too. We watched movies instead yesterday.

retha said...

Sorry for the more snow when you want to see the sun. But like on a Monday one knows Friday always come, suppose the same for your spring.

Thanks for the forum information.

retha said...

Thank you I'll go see at the forum.

retha said...

oops Janet, I tried to register. It tells me my e-mail address is too short.