Wednesday, January 1, 2014

150, bronchitis and snow

My weight goal was to be down to 150 by the end of the year.  That's losing 16 pounds since June.  Well, this morning I weighed 150.6.  That counts in my book!  I haven't been working out (see next topic) but I haven't had an appetite and have avoided almost all Christmas goodies and beverages with calories.  I still want to get down to 145, then maybe 140. 

Just before Christmas I started having sinus pain.  Felt like a knife was sticking in my sinuses.  Then it became a cold.  Now its bronchitis.  I mainly cough at night.  I've got some new night time cough medicine to try.  The doctor?  Nope, I'm not spending that much money to be told I have a cold and bronchitis and to rest and take cough syrup to try to sleep.  I wish the Affordable Care Act would have made healthcare affordable.  $75 for an office visit just isn't affordable in my book.  My costs have gone up, my care options have gone down, I've gotten so stressed out by it all that I've gotten sick.  That wasn't my idea of healthcare reform.  Pass the herbal tea.

Something's happened at work too.  Not a good something.  Not a horrible something.  But it has added more stress.  I can't talk about it online. 

We've gotten at least 7 inches of snow since yesterday.  And it is still coming down.  Once it stops the temperatures are supposed to drop. Goodbye balmy teens, hello below zero.  This is panning out to be one rough winter!


Gail said...

Hooray on the weight loss!

And yuck to everything else.

We're just getting the lower edge of the snow, as usual. It was about 60F a few days ago, now snow, then the temps will go back up in a couple of days. It's a rollercoaster.

Fatcat said...

Way to go on the weight loss. I'm sorry everything else is kind of crappy. :-(