Saturday, January 26, 2013

Only a few more years

Today's post has been bubbling around in my brain for a few weeks now.  Only I didn't realize it was a blog post.  I thought it was just something annoying me.  But I'll come out with it:  I can't wait to not have to deal with 75% of all moms out there.  Violet is in 8th grade, just a few more years of it.  At least I would assume.  Those of you with kids who've graduated high school can let me know if it doesn't end as early as I think it does.

Now I have some great mom friends.  Some in real life, some imaginary.  There are other moms who aren't really friends, but who I like and respect and would enjoying hanging out with if the circumstances of life, the universe and everything would only permit. 

Then there are the meanie moms.  And the annoyingly stupid moms.  And the ones who can't look up from their phone or iPad or whatever their device du jour is.  And the ones who are just "too busy" to be polite, do their share, stop talking about all their stress and everything they have to do.  I'm sick of all them.

One nearly ran Violet and me over in the art studio parking lot this morning.  She couldn't stop talking on her phone while trying to park to wait for her kid long enough to let us cross over to the entrance.  She saw us, then gunned it.  Nice.

I know I shouldn't judge anyone until I've walked a mile in their shoes, but really, I wonder what on earth some of these people have going on that they are so incredibly wrapped up in themselves that they can't stop whining and trying to make their problems my problems.  Trust me, I have my own problems.  I haven't been able to breath this past week, I've had so much to do. Still, I manage to smile, say hello, plan Juliettes and take care of previous commitments I've made.  I try to be friendly and not to complain too much, or at least spread my complaining out so no one gets it laid on them too thick.  Okay, I do need to work on that.

There's a new woman at work, I really like her.  She's about my age, maybe younger (or maybe I just look old these days).  We were talking about the meanie moms and why do they have to be so mean.  That was when I realized, just a few more years and I'll be done with it.  After 13 years of them trying to one up me, out "busy"me and generally act, well mean, I won't have to do it anymore.  It is one aspect of motherhood I won't miss at all.

Is that bad of me? 


Fatcat said...

There's other meanies besides moms out there, unfortunately. I got into a road rage incident the other day with a man who wouldn't stop beeping his horn at me when I was not taking off quickly enough. At one point, I just took my hands off the wheel, stopped the car, blocking his way and sat there, giving him the evil eye in my rearview mirror. I really felt murderous. It's a good thing I was not armed. Normally, I am a very courteous driver, but I was having a little issue with my mom and driving her car and she kept wanting me to look at things, but I know I wasn't more than a second or two late on the takeoff.


Ami said...

They're called assholes. They come in every shape, size and gender. And you won't have to deal with some of the assholes once Violet is grown up... but there are many other assholes who crowd in to take their place.

Basically, if you want an asshole-free existence, shave your head, wear a loose white robe, and sit on a mountaintop, telling all who seek you to find wisdom in the life of the butterfly.

Of course, I may not be much help. I haven't learned to avoid all the assholes. As a result, sometimes *I* am one.

Mel said...

I have already stopped. We don't participate in groups as there are none here. My kiddo isn't in any clubs, again no clubs here either. The classes she takes require no involvement on my part other than pick up/drop off and that is fine with me. The only place I deal with other parents is bowling league but luckily they are really nice there. I've yet to meet assholes who bowl. I'm sure they are out there but most people who bowl are pretty down to earth types. I have tried a few playdates since moving here a year or so ago but decided that route of socialization is just not for me or for my kid. It never works out and we are tired of wasting our time. So my kiddo gets all her kid mingling at her classes and I don't even have to say hello to another parent if I don't want to.

Mel said...

I wrote a whole comment and it got erased because I wasn't logged in. Boo. I will try to rewrite it from memory.

Mel said...

I am already done with other moms. There aren't homeschool groups here. So no issues there. We aren't in any clubs since there aren't any to join. The closest is bowling league but all the parents there are really nice. I've yet to run into assholes at bowling in general. You don't find too many uppity mean mom types that like to bowl. Bowling people are pretty lowkey. Exception was the scary fundies that attacked us once near Seattle but that was a rare isolated incidident. LOL None of B's classes require my participation or input. I pick up, I drop off. I never even see the other parents except when I look into their cars from mine as we wait in the parking lots. We've attempted a handful of playdates since moving here a year or so ago and none worked out. We both decided to just stop doing blind playdates. Total waste of time. So B gets her mingling at her classes and I get to avoid moms. I don't want to ever deal with moms again in a group capacity. I am attending a new homeschool network meeting next week but only to see if anyone has a teen girl B's age. If not, I am out of there quicker than you can say "later, gators".

SabrinaT said...

Here I thought it was just military moms.. YIKES! Now that we are in the US, I was praying things would not be the same.. I listen to a bunch of my husband is gone more, my husband works more, my kids miss their dad more... blah, blah..

We are (well tomorrow) in the suburbs, and I hope and pray things are better! :)

Mother Mayhem said...

My dearest Freakmom... The meanies are EVERYWHERE. Apparently, I am a meanie magnet. I'm stockpiling ketchup. Want to join forces?

Need a hug? HUG.

It would be worth more in person. =\