Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cookie Sales Starts

It is the start of the Girl Scout cookie sale here.  Violet's form is posted in the kitchen at my office.  So far it looks like she may be the only cookie seller there.  In the past there have been more girls selling.  Forms could still pop up later this week, so we won't count our cookies until they've been ordered.  She has 2 neighbors who always order from her.  Other than a few cookies for us, I don't think she's doing much selling this year.  The incentives don't excite her.  The Juliette proceeds have been cut in about half as previous years.  And she's getting older and the thrill is gone.  Hopefully my office will mainly order cookies to be donated to the soldiers.  Those I can do without ever having the boxes arrive.

Violet is back at art class, her favorite activity.  She had last week off for the holidays.  They always have "art challenges" to draw and bring in if they want.  She was working on her drawing yesterday.  Something with a giant evil chicken fighting an army of mice.  They do a lot of fantasy drawing in her class.  Her art instructor is a children's book illustrator and his art work runs to fantasy/sci fi as well.  It is a great class for her.

We're taking a week off before starting Juliettes up again.  I've been finding some activities to do.  On our first meeting we're going to make applesauce brownie cake (a recipe with lower sugar) and choco-coconut cookie sandwiches (a quick snack).  That will complete the Eating for Beauty badge for the Cadettes (technically the badge didn't say to make the items, we just like to cook).  The Juniors have already finished the Looking My Best badge.  The next meeting will be Chinese New Year, then a Valentine meeting.  Since we're doing cooking and art badges this year, it is easy to fit in some badge work with the holidays.

Tennis doesn't start until mid-January.  Which is good.  We need to ease into things.  I made the list of things to finish for "first semester" and it wasn't too bad.  We've started to work on that and will finish next week.

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SabrinaT said...

This is the first year we don't have cookies on base :( Something to do with no one to run the troop. We love them and I will miss having them. Next year I will be stalking all the neighborhood kids to find someone selling them!