Saturday, December 15, 2012

So Much for Having Extra Free Time in December

All year long I talk about how WE have all this extra time in December because activities grind to a halt and we don't have a big extended family to fill our holiday times with parties and other festivities and all the planning, shopping, baking, and doing that generally goes in to it.  Add in the 2 weeks vacation I am taking and I should be coasting through the days.

Well, that hasn't happened.  Thank goodness I am off from work because I don't know how I'd be squeezing work into the mix.  Activities are continuing through next Saturday this year.  And Violet's volunteen group has their storytime session at the library on the 27th.  We spent yesterday at my parents' helping with their Christmas tree and Dad and I went to lunch and shopping.  Today after art class we went to meet sled dogs as part of the town Square's holiday celebration.  The dogs were beautiful.  But it was raining and windy and muddy!  I guess it could have been cold and icy.  We also grabbed lunch out and hit 3 thrift stores.

Anyway, we've been busy making new decorations for our tree, since Bubbles is Destructo Cat.  I guess the candy cane reindeer are the only ones I've offloaded from the camera to my computer so far:

I'll get the others and post them.  And I need to take a photo of the full tree with all the decorations. This week we have a Christmas party with our Juliettes, are meeting my dad at the local historical museum to see the 50's Christmas living room, have a Christmas party/cookie exchange/lunch with the girls' club, as well as tennis and art class.  So: clean the house, get out the supplies for 3 crafts and making fudge, make cookies, box cookies for the exchange, oops first buy cookie ingredients, make 5 copies of the cookie recipe, make turkey/cheese roll-ups to take for the lunch dish to share, better get the ingredients when getting the cookies ones, make goodie bags for 10 friends, ask Violet if she wants to make them for 2 brothers as well - I think we have enough stuff, finish shopping, wrap presents, mail presents, send cards, and somethings else...

Oh yeah!  Enjoy my carefree time off from work!  Yeesh.  I guess this is why I usually go on vacation when I go on vacation!

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